The 1,000 mg Dropper is our moderate strength CBD blend and is intended to be used by those with moderate levels of pain, anxiety-related conditions, or sleeplessness. With 33 mg/ml this product contains 1 months' worth of daily medicine that can help alleviate pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety, and aid in a restful nights sleep. Our homegrown, organic hemp oil is infused in organic MCT oil, which is renowned for improving cognitive function as well as aiding digestion & metabolic functioning. Organic sunflower lecithin is added to help the CBD enter your bloodstream faster, so that you can feel relief as soon as possible. Take one dropper full daily or as needed.

1000mg Dropper (33mg/ml)

  • Your CBD product does not need to be refrigerated, although it can indeed be stored in the fridge. In general, store in a dark and relatively cool space for prolonged shelf-life. 

  • Organic MCT Oil, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, 33 mg Organic CBD Hemp Oil (per serving) 

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